Batman Writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly Discuss the Twists of DC’s Outsiders

The following interview contains spoilers for Outsiders #1, available now from DC Comics

The writing duo behind DC’s new Outsiders series, Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, recently spoke about the first issue’s surprise twist.

Outsiders #1 debuted on Nov. 14 and tells a new story featuring Batwoman, Luke Fox and a mysterious third character. Speaking in an interview with DC, Jackson Lanzing revealed how the publisher was having trouble finding the best place for Kate Kane and Luke Fox in comics, leading to them feeling like a natural choice for the comic. “They’d sort of become these outsider figures in the Bat line.” The choice to bring in a third new character was also a deliberate one for the duo — although they chose to bring in a new character instead of one of the Outsiders previous members. “[Batwoman and Batwing] already have a dynamic, Luke and Kate, that was established in Detective Comics, and it felt like it was really smart for us to bring in a third character that would allow for that to evolve,” Lanzing said, adding that they found references for the three-character dynamic in Planetary from the WildStorm universe.

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Outsiders #1





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Further WildStorm elements in Outsiders also extend to the mysterious third character, named Drummer. Kelly spoke about creating the character and how her identity as an older woman also pays tribute to the writers’ families, saying, “We both are the children of effectively single mothers, and we have strong women in our lives. Whenever we have the chance to assay that kind of a character, bring them to the forefront, it’s an absolute pleasure for us.” To emphasize just how important Drummer will be throughout the series, Lanzing added: “Every issue is going to give you a deeper peek into who this character is, why this character exists and how her presence in the DC Universe will affect Luke, Kate and in large part, the entire DC Universe over the course of Outsiders.”

Outsiders is Both Influenced by and a Counterpoint to Planetary

The duo also spoke about how Outsiders continues upon Planetary but is also its counterpoint. “The objectives of Planetary, in my opinion, is that that book takes the 20th century as a fictional framework and looks at all the fiction that took place in the 20th century and deconstructs it in an effort to talk about what that fiction did to us as a culture,” Lanzing said. Outsiders, instead, looks at only the DC Universe’s impact. “What if we talked just about what DC Comics means and what these characters mean? Why certain characters are popular and certain characters aren’t? And to do that in a way that’s reflecting the 21st century, when people have become much more media literate about the DC Universe than they ever were before.”

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“Just like Kate and Luke, we are boldly diving into places we do not have the answers for, but someone must ask the questions,” Kelly added. “That is what we are here for, and hopefully Bruce doesn’t get too mad at us.”

Outsiders #1 is available now from DC Comics.

Source: DC

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