ChampionX tech centre in Chennai to serve as the base for India operations

US-based ChampionX Corporation has set up its new technology centre here, aimed at accelerating the company’s digital innovation opportunities, a top official said on Friday. The new centre located at the TATA Ramanujam Technology Park on the famous Information Technology Corridor or the Old Mahabalipuram Road would serve the company, as the base for India operations.

The facility was inaugurated by senior company officials including CEO Soma. Somasundaram, Dric Bryant among others, a company statement said here.

The ChampionX Global Technology Center – India, Chennai represents a further extension of the company’s focus on developing and delivering a wide range of industry technology solutions and expertise.

“The new centre will accelerate the company’s digital innovation opportunities, provide greater access to key digital skills and technical engineering expertise and enhance the development of new offerings to ChampionX’s core markets,” a company statement said.

On the setting up of the Centre in Chennai, the company said Chennai is known for the presence of Information Technology innovation, and numerous government, educational, and research institutions.

The company’s vision for the new technology center is to serve beyond purely technical and engineering functions to include functional leaders and experts across legal, finance, procurement, and other roles within ChampionX to help increase capability and capacity across the organization.

The new facility at ChampionX has 30 personnel which would be scaled up to 300 over the next few years.

The setting up of the new facility was also in the backdrop of the company’s plans to enter into manufacturing and sourcing in India. “This will provide many growth opportunities for Indian companies and the local talent pool.” “With the opening of this new centre in Chennai, we are extending our capabilities footprint globally, building on our commitment to our customers, and driving additions to our outstanding portfolio,” Soma Somasundaram said.

“New technologies and digital enablement are transforming the way our industry operates globally” he added.

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