Days of our Lives Spoilers: Stefan DiMera Makes Major Power Plays

Days of our Lives spoilers indicate that Stefan DiMera makes some significant business and personal decisions. First, he makes demands on his brother, EJ DiMera. Later, he meets with prisoner Clyde Weston. Will he get involved in Salem’s drug ring on the Peacock sudser?

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Stefan DiMera vs. EJ DiMera

DOOL spoilers reveal that Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash) is ready to go head-to-head with his brother EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel). After all, he feels it could be EJ’s fault that his wife, Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus), sits behind bars. Of course, the upset man wanted to run DiMera Enterprises with Gabi.

days of our lives spoilers: ej dimera (dan feuerriegel) - stefan diMera (brandon barash)
Days of our Lives Spoilers: Stefan DiMera – EJ DiMera | Peacock

But things went south when she was accused of killing Li Shin (Remington Hoffman). Further, many Days of our Lives viewers think Elvis Junior had something to do with framing his sister-in-law. However, currently, she’s the only suspect. And now the brothers continue to battle. And EJ’s brother vows to get to the bottom of Li Shin’s mysterious death.

But did EJ organize the stabbing to maintain control of his shares of DE? Spoilers point to one brother making demands on another this week on DOOL. Will he want proof that EJ messed with Gabi and Li? Or is Stefan’s confrontation all about business? Find out what he wants from EJ just in time for Thanksgiving.

DOOL Spoilers: Stefan Meets with Statesville Prisoner Clyde Weston

Days of our Lives spoilers hint that Stefan DiMera travels to Statesville Prison to meet with felon Clyde Weston (James Read). But what could he want from the prisoner? Does he ask the convict to protect his wife while she is imprisoned? As a matter of fact, Clyde’s reputation precedes him.

Further, he knows that his brother cannot stand Clyde Weston ever since the man arranged his “death” years ago. DOOL history shows Clyde and EJ warring over territory for their competing drug rings. But this was long before Stefan dropped into Salem.

Stefan’s trip to the Days of our Lives state prison could be two-fold. What kind of agreement will the two men come up with this week? Spoilers show him later talking to Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) about her role in Clyde’s drug dealings in Salem. Look for Clyde Weston’s appearance on November 22, 2023.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: New Drug Kingpin in Town?

DOOL spoilers hint that Stefan could play dirty. Further, is he working with Clyde to set up EJ to take the fall? It wouldn’t be the first time he tried to double-cross his brother. Plus, he knows that Elvis used to operate a drug ring in Salem. So, will he try to blackmail EJ?

After all, he’s the new District Attorney in town. And he did put his sneaky sister-in-law in jail. Can he outsmart EJ while he deals with the “death” of his newborn son? It would be like Stefan to hit his brother while he’s down. Look for more DiMera brother drama on Days of our Lives this holiday season.

Stefan DiMera makes big moves this week with EJ DiMera and Clyde Weston on the Peacock exclusive.

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