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NEW DELHI: From now onwards in Delhi, there is no need to destroy roads and dig to detect water leaks in underground pipes, irrigation minister Saurabh Bharadwaj said Tuesday.
Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has decided to use helium leak detection technology, which can help locate leaks in water mains easily. Through the use of this modern technology, the people of Delhi will be free from the problem of polluted water, officials said.
Following instructions from chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, Bharadwaj reached Shahpur Jat on Tuesday to inspect modern equipment, which has been placed in the area to detect leaks and contaminated water in the pipelines.
Bharadwaj said that complaints about the contaminated water supply had been received from Shahpur Jat for the last few days. Hence, the government of Delhi has decided to adopt helium leak detection technology to solve the problem of contaminated water.
According to the Minister of Finance, so far only leaked information has been seen on the road that is easy to obtain. When there is a problem of polluted water due to leakage in the ground, holes have to be dug in many places to find the point of leakage from the pipes. Besides damaging roads because of this, money and time are wasted. But now with the help of new detection technology, information about pipe leaks will be easy to get.
This technology involves helium gas being fed into a pipe, followed by drilling at several locations. The location of the leak is determined by observing the rise of helium gas to the surface. Because of this modern technology, excavation should be carried out only at the leak site. No need to dig into the line completely.
Helium is the least soluble gas in water. Hence, this gas is medically harmless and safe to use, says the Delhi government.
Bharadwaj says there are many advantages to using helium leak detection technology. Repairing pipe leaks will provide relief from contaminated water problems more effectively and efficiently. Plus, leak prevention saves valuable water, which would otherwise continue to leak and be wasted.
“Drinking water pressure remains low when a leak occurs. After the leak is repaired, the water supply pressure will increase, and water can reach the end of the pipe,” the government said.

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