EU banks may face new legal risks under corporate sustainability rules By

As the European Union continues to deliberate the wording of the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDD), Spanish banks are actively lobbying for a compliance exemption, a move that has caught the attention of market analysts. According to a recent analysis by Barclays, led by Maggie O’Neal, the implications of the CSDD have not been fully recognized by markets, potentially exposing firms to unprecedented legal risks for value chain malpractices involving human rights or environmental harm.

The push for an exemption comes at a critical juncture as EU discussions gain momentum. Financial institutions have been vocal in their resistance to being included under the directive’s umbrella, arguing for a carve-out that would shield them from the new compliance requirements. Despite their efforts, the outcome remains uncertain with a resolution expected to have significant repercussions for companies across sectors.

The debate over CSDD is unfolding ahead of the parliamentary elections scheduled for June, highlighting the urgency and importance of these discussions. Stakeholders are keenly awaiting the final decision, which could redefine corporate responsibility and sustainability practices within the European Union.

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