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The wireless earphones, EVA2020 were first released back in July 2020 with three models, each inspired by an EVA aircraft from the Evangelion franchise.

Looking to add to your merch collection, Evangelion fans? Consider these EVA-inspired wireless earphones, released in collaboration with final, a Japanese brand specializing in hi-fi audio.

The wireless earphones, EVA2020, were first released back in July 2020 with three models: Unit-01, Unit-02, and Mark.06. The colors and design of each model were based on an EVA aircraft from the cultural phenomena.


Models Type-NERV and Type-REI were later added to the lineup, drawing similar inspiration in design and color as its predecessors. NERV’s logo inspired Type-NERV, while Type-REI was based on Rei Ayanami’s hair and plugsuit color. Each of their chassis and cases are imprinted with the number of the EVA aircraft they were inspired by.


The inspirations don’t stop there. Evangelion‘s first lieutenant, Maya Ibuki (voiced by Miki Nagasawa), serves as the earphones’ announcer when they are turned on and off. These come in Japanese and English, which users can freely toggle to their liking.

Other than these cool features, the earphones have a maximum of 63 hours worth of playback and are supported by a wide range of Android and iPhone handsets. Its accessories include a charging case, ear tips that come in five sizes (final TYPE E Truly Wireless Exclusive Edition), and a USB Type-C charging cable. Readers can find more information about its features and specifications on their official website (the English version can be found here).

Other than final, the Evangelion franchise has had a series of collaborations in the past, including GU, FILA, and New Balance.

EVA2020 currently retails at ¥19,800 (tax included; US$141) on its official website and is available for purchase from other retailers including amazon.co.jp.

Source: Press release, final’s official Japanese website and English website

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