Exclusive – Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav on Salman Khan: Despite knowing I roasted him, he still explained me about my mistakes like an elder brother

Bigg Boss OTT season 2 came to an end in a grand manner with Elvish Yadav emerging as the winner. The young Youtuber created history by winning the show as he is the first wildcard entrant who lifted the Bigg Boss OTT trophy. Elvish joined ETimes TV for a quick chat wherein he spoke about his journey, bond with Abhishek Malhan and his love-hate relationship with host Salman Khan.

Commenting about creating history, Elvish said, “The show’s ending has proved that impact is very important than the number of days spend inside. Aap kitne din kaat rahe ho is not important, aap kitne din jee rahe ho is important.”

When asked about his emotional meeting with his mother, he said, “My mother is my weakest point. Whenever I’ve got emotional inside the house was because of my mother. During the family week, my father came to the show but today for the finale my mother also came and it was a very emotional moment for me. Agar main Na bhi Jeetta toh bhi they would have been happy for me that we finally met each other after such a long gap. The feeling of meeting each other after so many days would have been the same.”
Elvish made several videos during 2020 roasting Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who is the host of the show.

On being asked about his love and hate relationship with the Dabangg star, Elvish said, “The roasting videos that I made for Salman Khan were from 2020, I made them three years ago, after that I’ve changed myself a lot. The content that I used to make has also gone through a lot of changes. And he was not the only one who I roasted, I did many others as well. My outlook/attitude towards Salman sir has also changed because he explained to me about my mistakes on weekend ka vaar, like an elder brother. Aur acchi cheez samjhayi… unko shayad pata bhi ho that I roasted him but phir bhi Woh cheez ko Woh Bhula ke unhone itna badappan dikhaya Woh cheez bahut acchi lagi… (he explained me good things. He must have noticed that I roasted him but not even once who brought that up and he completely forgot it and showed his mature self. I liked that part about him).”
He also shared how Salman Khan calmed him down before the results were announced as he was very nervous, “I held his hand and kept on my heart and made him hear my heartbeat which was very fast. He asked me to keep calm, nothing will happen and take it easy. He kept explaining me this.”
Elvish said he is confident that his bond with Abhishek Malhan, the first runner-up will stay strong, “I feel Humari dosti kum hogayi par bhaichara badh Gaya hai…. Kuch kum nahi hua zyaada he hua hai at the end of the day,” said he.
ETimes TV also quizzed him about his crush on Pooja Bhatt, to which the Youtuber said, “The best part of Pooja Bhatt is she’s forever young but Woh cheez maine Ek Dum sahi boli that if she would have been of my age I would have definitely approached her.”
He also commented about his love for his favourite actress, Alia Bhatt, “Alia Bhatt is my forever love. I missed her a lot. Miss toh kya he kara I haven’t met her at all, unka poster laga tha ghar ke andar and I used to give her Hi-five everyday.”
Before signing off, Elvish shared the things he learnt through the show, “I have learnt on this show to keep patience and accept your mistake whenever you do or go wrong. Also to control your anger,” he concluded.

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