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In the dynamic realm of anime, a new champion has emerged to claim the throne on MyAnimeList, dethroning the long-revered Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The anime in question is none other than Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, a series that has captured the hearts of fans since its premiere in the fall of 2023.
Frieren’s Triumph on MyAnimeList
Boasting an impressive score of 9.10, Frierenhas secured the number one position on MyAnimeList, based on user ratings.Over 300,000 users have added this captivating anime to their lists, with 68,000 users contributing their ratings. What’s particularly intriguing is that it shares the same score as the belovedFullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, a series with a massive fan base and over 2 million user ratings.
The story follows Frieren, an elven mage blessed with a millennium of life. After a quest to defeat the Demon King with her party ends, she realizes the value of genuine human connections. The 28-episode journey, adapted from the manga by Kanehito Yamada and Tsukasa Aka, is brought to life by the renowned Madhouse studio and directed by the talented Keiichirou Saitou.
Madhouse’s Resurgence and Frieren’s Rise
Madhouse’s involvement in the production of Frieren has played a pivotal role in its surge to the top. Known for iconic series such as Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, and One Punch Man season 2, Madhouse had been relatively dormant for a while. The return of this esteemed studio to the anime scene generated immense interest within the community.
This rekindling of Madhouse’s creative flame became the driving force behind Frieren‘s popularity, ultimately propelling it to the number one spot on MyAnimeList. It’s a testament to the impact a studio can have on an anime’s reception, especially one with a legacy as rich as Madhouse’s.
The Ephemeral Nature of Triumph
While Frieren‘s triumph is undoubtedly noteworthy, history reminds us that the landscape of top-rated anime is ever-changing. Previous contenders like Bleach TYBW and Attack on Titan have experienced brief reigns before Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood reclaimed its throne. Frieren‘s current supremacy may be a momentary spectacle, a phenomenon common in the dynamic world of anime rankings.
MyAnimeList, as a platform, reflects the diverse tastes of the anime community. The ebb and flow of titles in the top-rated category underscore the evolving nature of preferences. Whether Frieren‘s reign is fleeting or enduring, one thing remains certain—the anime has left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers, inviting them to join Frieren on her quest for genuine human connections.
For those intrigued by this anime phenomenon, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End awaits on Crunchyroll, offering not only the original version but also English, Hindi, and Tamil dubs to cater to a global audience. As the anime community anticipates the next wave of captivating series, Frieren stands as a testament to the ever-evolving tapestry of anime excellence.

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