[Honey’s Anime Interview] A Melodic Encounter with Hikaru Amano from ARCANA PROJECT

Hey there, music-loving bees! We’re buzzing with excitement as we sit down with Hikaru Amano from the rising J-pop sensation, ARCANA PROJECT!

Comprising five talented members under the wings of DEARSTAGE and Lantis, ARCANA PROJECT brings a fresh vibe to the J-pop scene. With a worldview inspired by tarot cards, each member—Usa Sakurano, Hana Hanamiya, Shion Aida, Aozora Sorano, and Hikaru Amano—adds their unique vocals and flair to create a diverse musical experience.

Join us for a chat with Hikaru as she spills the tea on ARCANA PROJECT’s experiences and aspirations. Who knows, you might just find your next J-pop obsession!

Interview with Hikaru Amano (ARCANA PROJECT)

Thank you, Hikaru, for taking the time to chat with us! So, let’s kick things off from the get-go. How did the name ARCANA PROJECT come to be? Was that something you all came up with?

The name “ARCANA PROJECT” was actually decided from the beginning! When I heard the announcement of the audition, I joined it. The name “ARCANA” comes from the Tarot card ARCANA, and each member has a Tarot card that they are in charge of. I am in charge of the stars!

Can you share with us your experience and connection with your song “Eureka”?

The lyrics of “Eureka” were written by Masato Nakayama. “Eureka” is a nostalgic song about friendship with the friends of “SYNDUALITY: Noir” and is a very warm song.

What was your first reaction knowing that one of your songs would be used in an anime?

I joined the group because I wanted to sing anime songs, so it was very moving to see anime images and ARCANA PROJECT songs on TV, and I watched it over and over again!

What made you feel SYNDUALITY: Noir would be a good fit for your music, and how do you relate to the series?

I was very happy to be able to work on the music for the first robot anime as ARCANA PROJECT.

All the members looked forward to the anime every week! One of the charms of “Eureka” is the overlapping harmonies of the five members in the final chorus, which I think fits the grandiose world of “SYNDUALITY: Noir”.

In that sense, are there any anime series you would love to make music for if you could?

Tarot cards have positive and reverse positions, and all of the anime songs I have been in charge of so far have been like the positive position, full of hope! However, I would like to try my hand at a song that depicts despair like the reverse position someday, and I would like to take on a dark anime song!

And are you interested in exploring different types of musical genres in the near future? What genre would that be, if so?

I would like to sing rock songs!

I love songs that have English in the lyrics and a fast-paced feel, so I would love to take on the challenge and deliver a cool ARCANA PROJECT!

What do you think has been one of the bigger challenges for you as an up-and-coming group?

I think it is tough to stand out among so many groups and increase the number of fans.

We are trying to find ways to get more people to come to our live shows, and we are working hard not only to polish our performances but also to improve our SNS!

AP_Eureka_Asha_sub [Honey's Anime Interview] A Melodic Encounter with Hikaru Amano from ARCANA PROJECT

Do you have any inspirational words for new artists that maybe would have helped you all during your start?

Before joining the ARCANA PROJECT, I had no experience singing in public, so I was nervous in any situation at the beginning of my debut, and because of that I made some mistakes. Therefore, I think it is important to relax and do my best in moderation, without being overawed!

Your music has begun to slowly expand worldwide. Was this always the goal or just something that happened naturally?

We are surprised at the acceptance of ARCANA PROJECT’s music outside of Japan!

We have received many comments and happy reactions from people overseas through our music videos and SNS, which has reminded us that the impact of anime is truly amazing.

As we wrap up our conversation, we want to express our gratitude once again, Hikaru. Before we part ways, could you share your insights into the long-term plans for ARCANA PROJECT?

I would like to continue singing anime songs and hope that new anime fans will increase through the singing voice of ARCANA PROJECT! I want to bring excitement to lots of people through music. I would also like to perform many live shows outside of Japan!

ARCANA PROJECT’s melodies are spreading like wildfire beyond Japan, proving that good tunes know no borders. With Hikaru Amano dreaming big and envisioning ARCANA PROJECT’s future, we’re left eagerly anticipating the next chapter of their musical saga. If you want to be a part of their adventure, go stream their songs, and follow them on SNS!

Streaming link: lnk.to/arcanaproject
Official Site: arcana-project.com
X (Twitter): x.com/arcanaproject
Instagram: instagram.com/arcana_project
YouTube channel: youtube.com/@arcanaprojectofficialchann6708
TikTok: tiktok.com/@arcana_project

AP_Eureka_Asha_sub [Honey's Anime Interview] A Melodic Encounter with Hikaru Amano from ARCANA PROJECT

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