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NEW DELHI: President Droupadi Murmu, in her I Day-eve address to the nation, said India has emerged as a “beacon of hope” for the world and regained its rightful place on the global stage. She stressed that the G20 presidency accords India the unique opportunity to nudge decision-making towards equitable progress.

President: Culture of greed takes world away from nature
In her address to the nation on the eve of the Independence Day, President Droupadi Murmu said, “During my visits and interactions with members of the Indian diaspora, I have observed a new confidence in the India story. India is playing a crucial role in promoting developmental and humanitarian goals around the world. What is notable in India’s presidency of G20 is the way diplomatic activity has been taken to the grassroots. There has been a first-of-its-kind campaign to encourage people’s participation.”

Hailing India’s economic performance amid the global uncertainty, she said, “India’s economy has proven to be not only resilient during turbulent times but is also a beacon of hope for others. The world economy is passing through a delicate stage, as the (Covid) pandemic has been followed by international events that have added to the air of uncertainty. Yet, the government has been able to navigate the stormy waters very well.”
Murmu called for economic empowerment of women and appealed to tribal “brothers and sisters to enrich their traditions while embracing modernity”. “Each of us has many identities apart from caste, creed, language and region, we are also identified with our families and professions but there is one identity that is above all. That is our identity as citizens of India. Each one of us is an equal citizen; each one of us has an equal opportunity, equal rights and equal duties,” she added.
Murmu said the Constitution’s Preamble contains the ideals of the freedom struggle. “Let us move forward with the spirit of harmony and brotherhood to realise the dreams of our nation-builders,” she said.
She pointed to concerns over global warming and the need to make cities and hilly terrains more resilient. “The larger point here is that the culture of greed takes the world away from nature. We now realise the dire need to return to our roots. I know that there are still many tribal communities who live very close to nature and in harmony with it. Their values and lifestyle offer invaluable lessons for climate action… The secret of the survival of the tribal communities through ages can be summarised in one word – Empathy,” she said.

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