Is She Still Alive? Death News

People search online for information about Isabella Guzman’s criminal record and obituaries.

Isabella Guzman is an individual who has received attention due to a tragic incident that occurred in 2013.

He is accused of brutally stabbing his mother, resulting in her death at their home in Aurora, Colorado.

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Isabella Guzman Criminal Records

Guzman was arrested in August 2013 for the brutal death of his mother, Yun Hi Moy, in Aurora, Colorado. According to court documents, her mother was stabbed 79 times in the neck, face and chest.

Guzman’s stepfather found him standing over his mother with a knife, and he fled the scene but was arrested the next day.

During the trial, it was revealed that Guzman was schizophrenic and had been experiencing disturbing delusions for a long time.

Testimony from the doctor shows that he believed that his mother was not his mother and that he killed a woman named Cecelia to save the world.

Isabella Guzman was arrested in 2013 for brutally stabbing her mother. (Image Source: CBS News)

As a result, Guzman pleaded not guilty to being insane, and the judge accepted the defense.

Based on information from Isabella’s stepfather Guzman, there have been ongoing problems between Isabella and her mother since her childhood, marked by bickering and a troubled relationship.

As a result, when Isabella was seven years old, she was sent to live with her father for a time before finally moving back in with her mother.

Aunt Isabella described him as friendly. However, he notes that he tends to be angry and secludes himself in his room, though violence is not mentioned as an extreme manifestation of his behavior.

Over time, Isabella’s actions begin to pose a threat to her mother, Yun-Mi Hoy, causing her to fear her daughter.

One of the notable incidents mentioned is when Isabella reportedly sent a letter to her mother with the message, “You will pay.”

Concerned about this threat, Yun-Mi Hoy informed Isabella’s father, who spoke to Isabella that same day.

Is Isabella Guzman Still Alive? Obituary

Guzman has lived in a mental health facility for more than three years. However, in 2020, he wants to leave the facility and reintegrate into society.

He was then sent to the Colorado Institute of Mental Health in Pueblo for treatment.

Brauchler stated that Guzman would remain in a state hospital until he was no longer considered a threat to himself or society, ranging from a few weeks to the rest of his life.

In an interview performed via computer cameras inside the facility, Isabella stated that she was not of her right mind when she committed the act and claims to have fully recovered her mental health since then.

There is no reliable evidence or confirmation of Isabella Guzman’s death. He appears to be living in a mental health facility and is undergoing treatment. At the same time, rumors could circulate regarding his status.

Criminal Isabella Guzman
Isabella Guzman is currently in a mental health facility. (Image Source: MY Hype)

Reports indicate that Isabella has expressed a desire to reintegrate into society and claims to have been restored to full mental health.

Without official confirmation regarding Guzman’s death, it is impossible to provide definite information.

Given her current situation in a mental health facility, we hope Isabella Guzman is alive and well.

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