Kumkum Bhagya update, November 21: Poorvi wants to marry Ashutosh

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi walks into the hospital, and Ranbir senses her presence. He turns to look at her, but they both miss seeing each other. Prachi’s purse falls, and Ranbir helps her without seeing her face. Prachi thanks him and leaves. Ranbir, feeling a connection, wonders why he’s missing Prachi.
Prachi calls her friend Poorviand asks if she’s okay.Poorvi reassures her and mentions a burn on her hand. Prachi apologizes for not trusting Poorvi and gives her some money. Poorvi reveals that a stranger helped her and paid half the amount. Prachi recalls Ranbir’s advice not to share feelings with strangers.

Later, Ranbir calls Poorvi to apologize for leaving her alone. They banter, and Ranbir promises to send his driver. Prachi worries about Ranbir and realizes he’s not there.

Jassi, upset about RV overshadowing him, vents to his guards. He expresses his love for Poorvi and vows to win her over. They decide to take Jassi home.
Prachi and Poorvi visit Ranbir’s house to return the money. Meanwhile, Jassi’s guards bring him home as he plans to confront RV.

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At Poorvi’s house, they discuss the fire incident. Prachi thinks about Ranbir and feels proud of Poorvi. Poorvi decides to return Ranbir’s money and takes a picture of the form with his address.
Ranbir, at home, reminisces about Khushi, expressing how much he misses her. He gets emotional.
Diya, excited, asks Poorvi to choose between chits with Ashutosh and RV’s names. Poorvi reluctantly chooses one, and Diya reveals its RV’s name. Poorvi protests, but Diya insists that RV is the best for her.
RV’s car stops on the way, and he notices Poorvi. Meanwhile, Diya believes it’s fate that brought RV there.
In a turn of events, Diya is convinced that RV is meant for Poorvi, despite Poorvi’s plans to marry Ashutosh.

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