Nippon Ichi Unveils Bar Stella Abyss Roguelike Tactical RPG for PS4, PS5, Switch – News

Game launch on Japan on February 29

Nippon Ichi Software unveiled a new roguelike tactical RPG titled Bar Stella Abyss on Monday. The game will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Switch in Japan on February 29.

Image via Bar Stella Abyss official website

The game’s story centers on an unnamed protagonist known as the wanderer, who stumbles into the hole-in-the-wall bar Stella Abyss by accident. After getting drunk and falling asleep, he wakes up to a surreal “Drunken World,” now without an arm and face. He begins to go on journeys in the Drunken World to get back his missing parts, and returning to Bar Stella Abyss after every run.

The game is divided into adventures in the Drunken World, and social encounters at Bar Stella Abyss. In the Drunken World, players can explore and engage in combat. Combat is performed through a turn-based tactical RPG system. During exploration, players can seek out new “Stella” for enhancing skills, visit facilities to buy items or do other actions, or encounter other patrons of Bar Stella Abyss also stuck in the Drunken World, and recruit them into your party. Players lose all items and experience gained in a Drunken World run if they fail and lose their strength, only keeping them in successful runs.

While in the Bar Stella Abyss, players can progress through the story by talking to the bartender or other patrons, who all have their own story to tell. Players are able to choose between five dialogue options, one of which includes drinking, which progresses the conversation, but can make the player character more drunk. Becoming too drunk forces the character into a run in the Drunken World. Cocktails may also be purchased to get enhancements for a Drunken World run.

Image via Bar Stella Abyss official website

The cast includes Nanako Mori as the Wanderer (fifth from left in image above), Ayaka Shimizu as the Bartender (sixth from left), and Michiyo Murase as Tipsy (animal beside Wanderer in image above), a creature who helps the Wanderer in their quest. The cast for the patrons of Bar Stella Abyss include Takaki Ōtomari as Saotome (first form left in image above), Hiromu Mineta as Baran (second from left), Mikoi Sasaki as Kilka (third from left), Momoyo Koyama as Cas (fourth from left), Honoka Kuroki as Leona (seventh from left), Riho Sugiyama as Maia (eighth from left), Mutsuki Iwanaka as Ginga (ninth from left), and Hiroshi Watanabe as Kaji (tenth from left).

Source: Bar Stella Abyss official website via Hachima Kikō

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