Not only ‘Nayak’, Sharmila Tagore was Uttam Kumar’s Heroine in 3 more Hindi films | Hindi Movie News

After making his disastrous Hindi debut in the 1967 film ‘Chotisi Mulaqaat’ opposite Vyjayanthimala, Uttam Kumar’s best Hindi films came while sharing the screen with Sharmila Tagore as his heroine. In Satyajit Ray’s ‘Nayak’, the two worked wonders, and years later, when one of her favourite directors Shakti Samantha offered her the Hindi-Bengali bi-lingual film ‘Amanush’ opposite Uttam, she instantly accepted the offer. The film was a huge hit both in Hindi and Bengali and is still remembered for Uttam singing Shyamal Mitra’s hit compositions in the two iconic songs ‘Dil Aisa Kisine Mera Toda and ‘Na Pooch Koi Humen Zahar Kyon Pee Raha Hoon’.
Shakti Samanta worked with the Uttam-Sharmila pair one more time in his other Hindi-Bengali bi-lingual film ‘Anand Ashram’. Despite the massive success of the Bengali version, the Hindi one didn’t receive the response as expected.
After ‘Anand Ashram’, Sharmila also played the lead in Bhim Sain-directed ‘Dooriyan’ opposite Uttam Kumar. The actress considers one of her most important films even today, as it portrayed the heroine as a career woman trapped in between her domestic and professional duties.

Interestingly, the Mahanayak did a film with Gulzar as well. Titled ‘Kitaab’, it was released in 1977 and starred Vidya Sinha and Master Rajoo alongside Uttam.
However, not many people know that Uttam Kumar’s last Hindi film, also the last complete film in his career before his demise, was the little-seen whodunit thriller ‘Plot No 5’. In the film, the legendary actor played a serial killer. It was released after Uttam Kumar passed away.

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