Rahul Gandhi: ‘Bharat Mata is voice of every Indian: Rahul Gandhi tweets on Independence Day | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday extended his heartfelt wishes to the citizens of the nation on the occasion of the 77th Independence Day.

Using the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, Rahul Gandhi conveyed, “Bharat Mata echoes the sentiments of every Indian! Warm Independence Day greetings to all fellow countrymen.”
Rahul Gandhi also shared his remarkable experience during the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra‘, recalling how he embarked on a 145-day expedition that began at the coastline and concluded amidst the serene snow of Kashmir.

“In the past year, I undertook a 145-day expedition across the land I hold dear. Commencing from the coastal edge, I traversed through scorching heat, swirling dust, and refreshing rain. Amongst forests, towns, and hills, my journey led me to the tranquil snow-covered expanse of beloved Kashmir,” he recounted.
He candidly discussed the challenges he encountered during this journey and highlighted the motivating factors that compelled him to persist.
“Soon after commencing, discomfort settled in. An old knee injury, which rigorous physiotherapy had once alleviated, resurfaced. A few days into my trek, my physiotherapist joined us, providing invaluable advice. Despite this, the pain persisted. Yet, I began to observe something remarkable. Every time thoughts of quitting emerged, each instance of considering surrender, a wellspring of energy emerged, gifted by someone, urging me onward,” he revealed.
“As the Yatra (Journey) progressed, the assembly of people swelled, the persistent pain became noticeable, leading me to introspect and listen,” he added.

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