Sigourney Weaver Calls For Better Depiction Of Women In Movies

Iconic “Alien” actress, Sigourney Weaver, has expressed her ardent desire for more women to take charge and be adequately portrayed on the silver screen.

Known for her groundbreaking role as Ellen Ripley in the popular franchise, Weaver has inspired many, breaking barriers and defying stereotypes for female characters in Hollywood.

She weighed in on her new movie “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart,” noting that what stood out for her was the close bond between women in it.

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Sigourney Weaver Wants More Women On The Screen


Throughout her illustrious career, the “Ghostbusters” actress has proven that women can excel in action-packed roles traditionally reserved for male protagonists.

Her portrayal of Ellen Ripley, an intelligent and resilient warrant officer, in the Oscar-winning sci-fi horror classic “Alien,” has become an iconic symbol of female empowerment in cinema.

In a recent conversation with Parade Magazine, the actress called for women on the screen to be depicted “as interesting as women are.”

“Well, I think we’ve always had heroines like that. Even the 30s, 40s and 50s movies had Bette Davis. No one was going to help her [so she helped herself],” Weaver said.

She then noted that she felt “lucky” to have portrayed the iconic role because she could play a strong woman and didn’t have to “look a certain way” like a lot of female stars have to in film.

Sigourney Weaver Thinks Women Roles Are Watered Down

Sigourney Weaver Reveals Whether Or Not She'll Star In Another 'Alien' Movie

In her discussion with Parade, Weaver passionately emphasized that while there are countless diverse and incredible women in the real world, their portrayals on-screen often fall short of capturing their full potential and complexity.

She noted that although the tides are changing, “it took a long time” for change to come and for “normal women” to be depicted for the “strength,” the “resilience,” and the “independence” they have.

“There are so many different kinds of women, and most are not portrayed on the screen to be as interesting as women are, as capable. as diverse, and as incredible,” Weaver told the publication.

“To me, women are the ones who are keeping the planet together. I reflect what I see, but I’m thrilled I got to play a part like Ripley,” she added.

“I felt it was my ‘Henry V’ because there weren’t roles like that for women in theatre or film. So, I was fortunate to work with Walter Hill, David Giler, and Ridley Scott and be able to tell the truth about Ripley.”

She Loves The Dynamics Between Women In Her New Film

Sigourney Weaver Reveals Whether Or Not She'll Star In Another 'Alien' Movie

In her conversation with Parade, Weaver spoke on her new movie “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart.” The 73-year-old actress highlighted the remarkable aspect that resonated with her the most – the powerful portrayal of women supporting each other.

She enthusiastically said, “I think the spirit of Holly’s book and the spirit of the writing of these shows.”

Weaver continued, “Yes, these women have a history of damage, and yet when you are watching the show, for the most part, these women are so there for each other, and there is so much humor, resiliency, and Australian friendship.”

“I loved my time with the Flowers, the women who come to my farm to escape a violent household. They were such incredible actors and people, so to me, there was always more light in it than dark,” she added.

Sigourney Weaver Will Not Reprise Her Role In ‘Alien’ 

Sigourney Weaver Reveals Whether Or Not She'll Star In Another 'Alien' Movie

In a bittersweet revelation, Weaver shared that she has bid farewell to the iconic “Alien” franchise that made her a household name. “That ship has sailed,” she said with nostalgia and contentment during a heartfelt interview with Total Film magazine (via Game Rader).

Having portrayed the indomitable Ellen Ripley across several “Alien” films, her departure seemingly marks the end of the iconic movie franchise. Weaver’s groundbreaking performance as Ripley not only shattered gender stereotypes but also solidified her status as a trailblazing actress in Hollywood.

“All kinds of younger actors are taking this role,” she said. “And there was an ‘Alien’ that I wanted to do with Neill Blomkamp, and we didn’t get to do that, but, you know, that ship has sailed. I’m thrilled doing what I’m doing. I put in my time in space.”

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