Sister Wives: Kody Honors Robyn’s Vow by Dumping Meri?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown lets Meri Brown know that his vow to Robyn Brown is behind him pushing her away as a new episode of the TLC series rolls out. This convoluted explanation seems to take the blame off Kody, or at least he appears to think so. But while trying to make his point, he has one wife crying and the other looking stunned.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Will Fake It If Need Be

Kody Brown will fake his relationship with Meri Brown if that’s what she wants. He tells this to his first wife, with his youngest wife sitting where she always seems to be lately, right by his side.

When the next Sister Wives episode rolls out, Meri faces Kody as he tells her that he’s done with their marriage. Robyn seems to want her co-wife to stay. But that seems to change when she breaks down over something the shared husband says.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown - Robyn Brown
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He reprimands Robyn over the vow she made him take on the day they married. Besides saying “I do,” this vow gives him an out if he ever changes his mind.

Robyn made him promise that he would tell her if he ever stopped loving her. But it’s not his fourth wife who he no longer loves. No, his love grew cold for the first bride of the Sister Wives family.

Meri Brown Has Something to Say About It

Back on their Sister Wives wedding day, Robyn told  Kody that she didn’t want to be dragged along by a husband who didn’t love her. She didn’t want to stay married for the sake of the religious rules of their plural marriage. So she made Kody Brown promise if he ever stopped loving her, they’d part ways.

Next, Kody points out that now Robyn asks him to keep Meri in a loveless marriage. So, to keep both wives happy, he says he can fake it with Meri. He assumes Meri doesn’t care how she gets him, just as long as she can.

Well, according to Meri Brown, this is the furthest from the truth. She said in her confessional, that she would never expect Kody to fake it just to keep the sanctity of their marriage intake. She doesn’t want him that way. And she especially wouldn’t want him to fake it to keep Robyn Brown happy.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Has Hidden Agenda?

For many Sister Wives seasons, Robyn Brown seemed to care about Meri Brown. She didn’t want her to leave the family for a few things, including their friendship. But it looks like there may be another reason that trumps friendship.

Sister Wives fans see something different emerging that could be the real reason Robyn wants her co-wife to stay with their husband. Meri has contributed to the family all along. But now, with the family splitting up, it’s time to divvy up the shared assets. This happens to be the Coyote Pass land.

It looks like the five adults who make up this Sister Wives marriage are enmeshed with their finances. But Christine Brown signed her shares of Coyote Pass over to Kody and Robyn. Then, in return, she kept the profits from the sale of her house in Flagstaff.

So, Christine is out of the family finances for good. This leaves four adults who should get equal shares of the land. But, last week, fans learned that Janelle Brown faced a battle to get what’s rightfully hers. This week, it looks like Meri Brown faces the same thing.

Kody & Robyn Throw Meri a Small Bone?

Right now, it looks like Kody and Robyn are willing to give Meri a couple of acres, but that’s not an equal share. In the next episode, Meri points out to the Sister Wives patriarch and Robyn that what they offer her is not fair.

It looks like Robyn and Kody get the lion’s share of the Coyote Pass land. After the conversation between the three, it becomes obvious that losing Meri means money goes with her. Since she’s contributed to the family all along.

So, many Sister Wives viewers think this is what pushes Robyn to cling to Meri Brown. But, cling as she may, Kody Brown doesn’t love Meri Brown anymore. This is when he uses Robyn Brown’s vow to pave the way to dump the first wife of the Sister Wives clan.

After all, Robyn Brown wouldn’t want Meri Brown to find herself in a spot her co-wife wouldn’t want for herself. So, this week on the TLC series, it looks like this vow gives Kody Brown an exit strategy.

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