‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Recalls Catfishing Scandal Amid Kody Drama

Meri Brown, who has been boldly exploring the intricacies of polygamy with her husband, Kody Brown, is revisiting the time she got caught up in a rather fishy catfishing scandal.

While we sip our tea and tune in, she also offers a peek into the ongoing ups and downs of her relationship with the “Sister Wives” patriarch. 

Meri Brown Reflects On Catfishing Scandal Amid Strained Relationship With Kody

As the complexities of their relationship continue to unfold on the hit reality series, Meri finds herself delving into a chapter from her past that still holds weight. The TV personality is no stranger to controversy, and she is not afraid to set the record straight. 

On a recent episode of the TLC show, “Sister Wives,” the reality TV star took a moment to reflect on the controversy, revealing that “so much crap was made-up about it.”

She admitted to engaging in a catfishing relationship in 2015, thinking she was communicating with a man, only to discover that her online companion was, in fact, a woman. Without delving into specific details, Meri shared her story with a mixture of frustration and amusement, saying: 

“So I was catfished quite a few years ago by a big fat liar. That whole story was so completely blown out of proportion and so much crap was made up about it.” She noted further, “And I still kind of have a hard time talking about it just because everybody has their opinions about it. But, like, I know my truth. Even with our family, some of our own family has their own opinion about it.”

Because of her experience, this led her to take extra precautions when she connected with a gay interior designer named Blair online for business purposes. She humorously stated:

“We did meet online initially, but eventually in person. There’s so many people, obviously, who put themselves out there as being somebody other than they really are. So you have to be very careful with people that you meet online.”

The catfishing incident, which was just one of the many challenges that Meri and Kody’s relationship endured, only added to the strains on their already fragile union. 

The entrepreneur initially poured her heart out about their relationship. She recounted how the 54-year-old had made it clear on their anniversary that any hope of rekindling their romantic connection was gone forever. 

“Kody basically told me that he was never going to have a relationship with me and to basically don’t have any hope for it because it’s never going to happen,” Meri revealed with her voice filled with sadness.

The 52-year-old was left heartbroken by Kody’s direct rejection, leading her to question the value of the three decades they spent together. Her frustration and disappointment were palpable as she candidly expressed her anger, stating:

“Screw him, he’s not worth it. It’s scary to think about [splitting for good]. It really is. Because it’s not what I wanted. I didn’t want him to come to me [and say], ‘I really just don’t want to ever have a relationship with you again’… and yet, here we are.”

Meri Gave Kody Two Choices Regarding Their Relationship


A previous episode of the TLC show unveiled yet another layer of the complex and emotional journey of the mother-of-one. Opening up about the dissolution of her marriage to Kody in a confessional, she shed light on the inner turmoil she was experiencing. 

According to the star, breaking her vows to the family’s patriarch was a painful decision, and it went against her deeply held values. The business owner noted that ending their union “doesn’t sit well with my values because I didn’t marry Kody and make this eternal covenant just to be like, ‘Mmm, it’s not working for us. I think I’ll peace out.’” 

She expressed her uncertainty about navigating the situation, admitting, “Right now, I don’t know what to do about it. I have no idea what to do about it.” However, she remained steadfast in her commitment to transparency.

Meri rejected the family’s patriarch’s request to keep the details of their relationship private, insisting on her right to tell her own story. She also elaborated on two potential paths she saw for her relationship with Kody:

“Continue living like I have for the past eight years or so, which is, you know, a freaking amazing, badass, independent person that is officially married to somebody but not emotionally, right? Or, I can terminate it. I can take the steps to move forward to be done with it.”

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