Sister Wives: Robyn Derailed on Next Week’s Tell-All

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown offers a sarcastic thank you to one of her ex-co-wives as she seems to come with a different attitude in tow on the TLC series “One-on-One” segment next week.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Spits It Out

Robyn Brown is highlighted in the preview for next week’s “One-on-One” segment. This takes the place of a “Tell-All,” where all the adults sit together. Instead, the spouses are interviewed mostly individually. That’s likely because so much animosity is present between some of them.

In the upcoming “One-on-One” there seems to be a lot of nasty undercurrents as each Sister Wives adult has their say.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Meri Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

After three decades with the original three wives, Kody Brown somehow dismisses their time with them as if his marriages were a mistake. But the only wife that he has left is Robyn.

Now on the “Tell-All,” it looks like she’s out for a twinge of revenge, along with her husband. That’s only if the preview isn’t misleading due to heavy editing.

When she breaks down crying, Robyn makes a note of what she is doing. She claims that she’s not doing this for drama. Apparently, she wants the Sister Wives audience to know her tears are real.

Wife #4 On Rampage Over Christine Brown

As Season 18 rolled along, it became apparent that Robyn Brown blamed Christine Brown for the demise of the Sister Wives family during the recent episodes.

During the “One-on-One,” special it looks like she spits out a sarcastic “Thank you, Christine” with a little anger thrown in.

It’s no secret that at least two of the original brides cited Robyn Brown’s arrival into the family as the reason things changed. It seems that this season, the wives have said more about their true feelings for Kody’s youngest wife than ever before.

Sister Wives: Robyn Becomes Unhinged

Fans think Robyn Brown has a way of inserting herself into Kody’s other marriages by getting in his ear. On last Sunday’s Sister Wives episode, when Meri and Kody tried to finalize their marriage demise, Robyn kept interfering.

Fans saw her as insipid with her tears and moans, as Meri and Kody were fine about finally saying it was over. Then after she walked away, no one came to get her, so she came back with her hysterics.

Sister Wives fans said it was as if she couldn’t stand not being the center of attention. They also suggested there was no need for her to be there at all.

As this season comes to an end, Robyn, said she doesn’t know if she’ll always be with Kody. She said this in the company of both Kody and Meri Brown. But she then apologized to Kody calling it a “bad joke” on her part.

But on the “One-on-One.” she pretty much says the same thing, she doesn’t know if she’ll be Kody’s wife for the rest of her life. From the latest reports, Robyn has the lion’s share of the Sister Wives assets.

So, if Robyn was about to exit, she sure set herself up much better equipped financially than Janelle Brown. She shared this week on the show that she owns nothing outright. And having a hard time trying to get what is rightfully owed her from the shared husband and wife number four.

The Truth About Robyn

Robyn Brown prided herself on being the one wife who could “talk Kody”. She said she knows how to talk to him, and in earlier seasons the Sister Wives ladies all agreed with her.

But that implodes on the “One-on-One.” Both Christine and Janelle shoot down Robyn Brown and her special talent for talking to Kody. Christine rolls her eyes and disses that idea altogether. Janelle says Kody is a “grown-a**” man and can talk for himself.

So, while Robyn might send Christine a zinger, she certainly gets it back as two of her Sister Wives co-stars tell the truth as they see it on the next episode of this TLC series, “One-on-One.”

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