Station Master Sharif Balasore Missing: Real Or Fake?

The missing news of Station Master Sharif Balasore has been trending on social media. Find out the truth behind the rumors through this article.

On 2 June, at 18:55, the Yeshwantpur-Howrah Express was rapidly approaching the Bahanaga Bazar station in northeastern Odisha, which is located approximately 250 km from its intended destination.

It travels at incredible speeds of over 125 km/h, taking advantage of sections of the railroad that were opened for trains to operate at 130 km/h.

Just 35 seconds later, the Coromandel Express, which also departs Howrah, entered the adjacent line at the station at a comparable speed as it started its journey towards Chennai.

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Fact Check: Station Head Sharif Balasore Missing, Is He Real?

Social media posts trying to publicize the tragic train accident in Odisha’s Balasore area have been spreading false information about the Stationmaster at Bahanaga Bazar station.

These posts falsely claimed that the Station Chief, identified as Sharif Ali Balasore, was a Muslim who had fled the crash site. However, a fact check by BOOMa leading fact-checking organization, has disputed the claims.

BOOM contacted Aditya Kumar Chaudhary, Head of Public Relations of Southeast Railways, who confirmed that the Assistant Head of Bahanaga Bazar Station was SB Mohanty, not Sharif Ali, as claimed on social media.

The claim that Station Chief Sharif Balasore is missing is fake news. (Image Source: India Today)

Chaudhary also confirmed that Mohanty did not flee from the crash site, contrary to reports circulating on social media platforms.

As well as spreading misinformation about the Station Chief, the viral message perpetuates the debunked narrative that there is a mosque near the crash site in Balasore district.

BOOM’s investigation revealed that the image shared in this post depicts an ISKCON temple, not a mosque, as many social media users have claimed.

Posts widely shared on Facebook contain inflammatory language and seek to reinforce baseless theories involving Bangladeshi, Rohingya, ISI and Manipur connections.

This claim has no basis in reality and is intended to fuel communal tensions.

In conclusion, the claim that the head of the station, Sharif Ali, is missing and related to the Balasore train accident is false.

The Assistant Head of Bahanaga Bazar Station is SB Mohanty, who did not flee the scene of the accident. The image shared as a mosque is of the ISKCON temple.

Balasore Train Crash Updates

The train accident in Balasore, Odisha, on June 2 was a tragic reminder of India’s challenges in modernizing and expanding its rail services.

The collision involved three trains, Shalimar-Chennai Coromandel Express, Yesvantpur-Howrah Express, and a freight train resulting in loss of life and injuries, with at least 275 people died and more than 900 were injured.

The incident marked India’s worst rail accident in two decades.

Station Chief Sharif Balasore Missing
The Odisha train tragedy highlights serious concerns about rail safety in India. (Image Source:Business Today)

The incident was prevented solely due to the alertness of the train’s locomotive pilot and its moderate speed, which brought it to a halt.

The train has deviated from the set course due to a faulty signaling system and unsafe human interference.

The official report on the incident highlighted the need for “immediate corrective action” to address the system glitch and stressed the importance of sensitizing staff to avoid shortcuts.

This tragic incident serves as a sobering reminder of the urgent challenges India must face to ensure the safety and efficiency of its rail network.

It’s heartwarming to see people sending prayers at a time of tragedy. The prayer offering is a way for individuals to express their empathy, compassion and support for those affected by the train accident in Balasore, Odisha.

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