Steam Store Update Adds PlayStation Controller Support

The latest Steam Store update expands support to PlayStation controllers.

Steam remains the biggest marketplace for PC players looking for the latest game to buy, and with even PlayStation now starting to add its games to PC, more and more users are starting to browse the store with controllers. To that end, Valve has implemented a new Steam Store refresh that’s updated several features to make them work better with controllers. One of the biggest changes Steam users will notice is that you can now use a PlayStation controller to browse the store, making them function just as well as Xbox controllers do. 

Importantly, this includes both DualShock and DualSense controllers, so you won’t be left out to dry if you haven’t purchased Sony’s latest system. Valve has also upgraded the browsing experience when using Steam with a controller, letting players set their controller type when logging in to make it more intuitive. Plus, each store page now lists every supported controller and even has a section for developers to say they recommend using a controller or tell players if a controller is required. 

Of course, all of this also extends to your Library, making it easier to see what controller is available for all of your games before hopping in. It’s also available in Big Picture Mode, as Valve is looking to make the user experience as streamlined as possible. In short, everything controller-related should now be much more clear when using the Steam Store. Plus, with the Autumn sale kicking off, there’s going to be a ton of new players browsing the store soon.

Below, you’ll find the full list of patch notes for the new Steam Store update. It should be available to download the next time you log into the service.

Steam PlayStation Controller Update Patch Notes

  • Store: Updated the display of supported controllers to split out DualSense, DualShock, and Xbox controllers separately
  • Store: Updated search filters to include more device types to filter results by
  • Store: Updated Controller Friendly hub to include filters for device type and device-specific Top Played/New and Trending results
  • Store: Added display of “Controller Recommended” when a developer suggest that their game is best with a controller
  • Store: Updated the notice on store pages of games that require a controller or VR to play as well as the notice on store pages for games which support both VR and non-VR modes
  • Steam Input: Implemented a new, default mode for PS controllers where Steam Input will be enabled only in games without their own support for the device
  • Library: Added a section in library game pages to describe the level of controller support. This only appears if Steam can tell that you have a controller currently connected
  • Library: Enabled the controller configuration button to always appear next to the settings button for individual games.
  • Library: Updated the controller configurator screen to also describe the full set of popular devices supported by the game while indicating the currently connected device.
  • Library: Added a yellow notice to Steam library game pages when looking at a game that requires a controller to play
  • Library: Added launch process steps to prompt users to plug in a controller when launching games that require or recommend them
  • Library: Added a launch process step to describe when Steam Input is translating button presses from a typically unsupported device
  • Library: Updated the logic and icons that indicate controller support for each game when in grid view

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