Survival Ascended Finally Releases on Xbox, PS5 Version Delayed Again

Ark: Survival Ascended has slipped to December on PS5.

After multiple delays, Studio Wildcard has announced that Ark: Survival Ascended is finally set to roll out on Xbox Series X and S today. At the end of this past month, the remake of Ark: Survival Evolved initially launched on PC with the promise of coming to consoles in November. And while those on Xbox will still see Studio Wildcard making good on this promise, the version of the game on PS5 has slipped back into the coming month. 

In a new message shared to social media, it was divulged that Ark: Survival Ascended will be coming to Xbox today at 9:00am PT/12:00pm ET. Studio Wildcard acknowledged that it has been “a long wait” and thanked fans for their support and patience throughout the process. Additionally, it was noted that the servers for Survival Ascended won’t be online for Xbox until a few hours later as the studio wants to give players time to download the game. As for those on PS5, a launch date still isn’t known, but Survival Ascended now isn’t planned to arrive until December. 

“We’re still working closely with Sony on PlayStation 5 certification for Ark: Survival Ascended,” Studio Wildcard said in a message to fans. “While we have been targeting a late November launch, today we’ve encountered some issues which will require additional time. We now anticipate a PS5 launch in early December. We’re working diligently to bring you the best possible cross-platform experience, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.”

While Studio Wildcard is surely busy on its own with Ark: Survival Ascended, it’s not the only game in the franchise that’s currently in the works. Moving into 2024, Ark 2 is set to release in early access and will be coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC. For now, very little remains known about the game but it is set to star famed actor Vin Diesel, who has previously hyped up what lies in store with the sequel. 

Are you going to look to play Ark: Survival Ascended on Xbox today now that it has released? Or are you someone who is still left waiting for the game to hit PS5? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on social media at @MooreMan12

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