What To Expect From Black Friday

Here’s everything you need to know to keep up with Black Friday in EA Sports FC 24.

Black Friday is one of the most exciting times in EA Sports FC 24, whether you’re planning to spend money or not. The developers at Electronic Arts know that a ton of people are getting the game on sale, and they use Black Friday to drop tons of in-game content to entice players to hop into Ultimate Team. While EA hasn’t given us any official details, there are several things we know from past seasons that will likely remain true this year. If you want a solid plan for approaching Black Friday in EA Sports FC 24 and not wasting your in-game or real-world money, follow the tips below.

EA FC 24 Thunderstruck Promo Team

The first to note is that EA will drop a new promo team alongside the Black Friday event. We don’t know all of the players included in the Thunderstruck promo yet, but we do know that massive names like Ronaldinho and Johan Cruyff are coming. EA will likely fill the team with current players as well, but they usually juice this promo team to get players spending money.

The reason you’ll want to keep this in mind is that if you’re lucky enough to pack one of these players, it’s usually a good idea to sell quickly before prices come down. Millions of packs are going to be opened on Black Friday, driving prices down on the transfer market. While some players might rebound, it’s generally better to sell early and buy back later. Unless, of course, you pack one of the top players. Ronaldinho’s price isn’t coming down any time soon, so you’re better off keeping him if you want him on your team.

Best of Team of the Weeks in Packs

The Team of the Week promo is a weekly event where players receive performance-based upgrades. EA has already teased this in EA Sports FC 24, but the best players from every TOTW so far will come back into packs. That makes it a good time to get a deal on those cards. Also, because so many packs are being opened, you’ll be able to get normal TOTW cards at a lower price. It’s smart to stock up on a few if you have the Coins and then sell them off later when they shoot back up in price.

Lighting Rounds in the Pack Market

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One of the trademarks of Black Friday in previous EA Sports FC games is Lightning Rounds. Every hour or so, EA will drop new packs in the store that players can buy, but there is often a global limit on how many are available. We’ve already seen these pop up in EA Sports FC 24, but expect EA to add a ton of them over Black Friday. Generally, it’s smart to not fall into the FOMO of these packs, but if you must spend money, it’s worth taking a look at them to see if any are worth it. Usually, you’ll want to target packs with guaranteed ratings or card types.

The Potential for New Evolutions

Evolutions are a new wrinkle for Black Friday. EA introduced them this year, and we usually get new ones every Friday. It’s very likely players will see several new Evolutions hit EA FC 24 alongside the event. That said, with them being new, it’s impossible to know if EA is going to incorporate them or not until we hear something official.

Hourly Squad Building Challenges

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The final thing you’ll want to keep an eye on during Black Friday in EA Sports FC 24 is the SBC tab. EA loves to drop a ton of good value SBCs during Black Friday that you should absolutely complete. Not everything is a winner, but most of the Upgrade SBCs will be worth doing, especially if you’re someone spending money on packs for the event. After all, if you’re opening packs and getting lots of low-rated fodder, you might as well spend some of them on even more lottery ticket packs to increase your chance of hitting big.

EA Sports FC 24 is available now on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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