WhatsApp rolls out email verification feature for iPhone users: Here’s what it is

WhatsApp has started rolling out a new feature which will enable users to associate an email address with their accounts.
The Meta-owned app has released a new privacy feature for iPhone userswhich will allow users to link an email address to their accounts. The new WhatsApp feature can be accessed in-app version 23.24.70. This new feature will allow users to log into their accounts in situations where they may face temporary difficulties receiving the 6-digit code via SMS.
To access the feature, users need to go to WhatsApp Settings > Account. This serves as an alternative login method for situations where users may temporarily be unable to receive the 6-digit code via SMS. However, it’s crucial to emphasise that a phone number is still required to create an account, and the option to log in with a phone number remains available. It’s important to clarify that WhatsApp is not replacing phone numbers with email addresses; rather, this feature offers users an additional means of access.
As mentioned above the feature is presently available only for iOS users and is soon expected to come to Android as well.
Channel update views
In a recent update, WhatsApp has initiated the beta rollout of a new feature for Android users. This feature allows users to directly view the number of views for a specific channel update within the message bubble. The primary goal of this addition is to assist channel owners in gauging the reach of their updates by providing insights into viewership. Importantly, this functionality is not exclusive to channel owners; followers can also track the number of views for each channel update.
WABetaInfo noted, “This feature has the potential to enhance the user experience, offer valuable insights, and be advantageous for both individual users and organisations utilising WhatsApp Channels for broadcasting. Users gain the ability to assess the impact and reach of their messages, allowing them to identify which content resonates most with their audience.”

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