Who is Big Brother’s First HOH Reilly Smedley?

Big Brother houseguest Reilly Smedley won the first HoH (Head of Household) on BB25. But who is she?

Who is Big Brother Player Reilly Smedley?

Reilly Smedley, a 24-year-old bartender originally from Portland, Maine according to WGME Channel 13. And now, she is competing on CBS’s Big Brother 25. Known for her social personality, Reilly moved into the Big Brother house on premiere night with the other season 25 houseguests. Despite tough competition, she managed to avoid being one of the first four nominees.

Living in Nashville, Tennessee, where she works as a bartender, Reilly Smedley brings her larger-than-life personality into the game. She revealed on the premiere episode that people often have misconceptions about her when they first meet her. Reilly’s fellow houseguest, Red Utley, also hails from Tennessee.

Reilly Thoughts on a Showmance

During the Big Brother premiere, Reilly confirmed that she is single and possibly ready to have a BB showmance.

Big Brother 25 - Reilly Smedley and a Showmance?
Big Brother 25 – Reilly Smedley and a Showmance? | CBS

While she may not be actively looking, she admitted that a tall, brunette, muscular man would certainly catch her attention.

Tragedy in her Early Life

Reilly’s motivation to win the game stems from personal tragedy. She shared that her dad passed away from a “super rare cancer” on her 14th birthday. Determined to make her father proud, Reilly expressed her desire to hear him say “You go girl” from above.

Reilly Smedley's Father
Reilly Smedley’s Father | CBS

Coincidentally, Reilly’s birthday falls on the same day as the Big Brother 25 premiere. As a longtime fan of the show, being cast as a houseguest was the ultimate birthday gift for her.

In the first week of the competition, Reilly made history as the first Head of Household (HOH) on Big Brother to save nominees without the Power of Veto (POV). This unique power adds an extra layer of complexity for Reilly as she navigates the game and tries to avoid putting blood on her hands.

Reilly Will Have Some Problems on BB25

One of her biggest challenges on BB25 is choosing two out of the four nominees to save. So, After saving two Reilly has to leave the remaining two on the block.

While there is a general consensus to keep Kirsten on the block, navigating the alliances and dynamics in the house proves to be a difficult task for Reilly. She is aware that no matter who she leaves on the block or if the target wins the veto, she could potentially make enemies in the process.

Winning the first HOH has historically been seen as an advantage in previous seasons of Big Brother. However, in Season 25, there are many alliances forming early on, and Reilly seems to be missing out on some of them. It is unclear if winning the competition was a wise move for her or if she may have inadvertently put a target on her back.

The current season of Big Brother airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET, and on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. For more behind-the-scenes action, viewers can tune into the live feeds on Paramount+ or watch a free ad-supported version on Pluto TV.

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